Annika Tutor Center


The tutoring center is actually a bustling community center with various functions.  It is a home away from home for many children and their families, and provides a wide array of services.


Homework Help

The second floor of the center is dedicated to a program called “Control de Tareas” (Homework Control).  It is used 5 days a week and is staffed by local volunteers.

Many parents are not able to help their children with homework because their education doesn’t go beyond elementary school.  Both father and mother often work outside the home, leaving their children alone without someone to help with homework.  The center provides a safe and loving place for the children to be when they would otherwise be left at home alone.  Skilled volunteer teachers and parents from the surrounding area donate their time to help with homework and to teach creative art skills.

“At the end of the year, a mother thanked us because her 12-year-old son was more studious and his grades had improved…[The mother] said the child looks happy and is no longer in the street playing with friends.  She is happy to know that her child is in a good place.” Teresa Fuentes, Director

Community  Center

This happy, bustling facility is a place that supports both the whole child and the whole family.  Some of the events and activities that take place here are as follows:

  • Parent workshops, classes and interviews to involve parents in their children’s success
  • Basic medical exams and health education workshops and classes
  • Art, recreation, and cultural experiences to give the children a well-rounded education
  • Courses in music, crafts, painting, and cooking (Even the scholarship students who are able to attend public school need to have creative arts supplemented as they are not offered at school)
  • Educational games and activities to instill a love of learning
  • Holiday and other celebrations
  • Distribution of fees, uniforms and school supplies for children on the scholarship program

Bazar Comunitario (Community Bazaar)

There is a small store at the front of the building where household items are sold at a discounted price.  These items are donated and the income is used for supplies for the center.  As it is the only discounted store in the area, it is a great service for the local families.