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Heather Whittle Wrigley and Daphne N. Blanchard have written a wonderful article on covering the missionaries who returned to serve Ecuador after 20 years.

It’s Friday afternoon when the two dozen or so children who attend Control de Tareas (Homework Control) at the Annika Tutoring Center in Guayaquil, Ecuador, exit the facility.

In years past, the center, run by the Fundación por Ayuda Humanitaria (Foundation for Humanitarian Aid—FAHUM), could accommodate as many as 300 children, but recent economic struggles and a reduction in donations necessitated cutbacks, allowing only 50 to attend.

During a 2011 humanitarian trip organized by 20 former missionaries of the Ecuador Guayaquil South mission, however, the Annika Tutoring Center was able to add a second floor to the facility and increase its total attendance to more than 75 children on average.

Today, five days a week, the new second floor is used for Control de Tareas, which FAHUM president Teresa Fuentes says offers classes to help parents become more involved as well as free after-school tutoring for children.

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